Volleyball in Schools and Colleges in the North West

In this section we have a list of schools and colleges with active volleyball sessions. 
As a key to activity each is graded:
1 - High activity - 2 or 3 training sessions weekly with games on a weekly basis
2 - Moderate activity - 1 training session per week with games irregularly
3 - Low activity - training sessions may be sporadic and competition consists of friendlies and bi-monthly games

Colleges of Further Education 16+

Salford City College (Eccles) - Volleyball Academy (1)
20 players at peak split roughly male female  
Women's regional winners 2013 
2 Qualified coaches (L3 & L1) 
1 qualified Beach VB Referee
Hall suitable for National League competition
Links with Salford Ladies
Contact: Rich Lee: rlee@salfordcc.ac.uk

Winstanley College (Wigan) - Developed Team (1 / 2)
9 Junior men and 7 Junior Women
One qualified coach (L1)
Sports hall suitable for local league games
Links with Seahawks Volleyball 

Preston College (Fulwood) - Enrichment team (2 / 3)
Mixed ability team trained from students across college
Teacher coach  
Double court sports hall suitable for National League competition
Prior links with local league

Holy Cross (Bury) - Developed Team (1 / 2)
Moderate level team with 7 or 8 male players and similar females
One qualified coach (L2)
1 qualified beach referee
Hall suitable for Local League competition
Links with Bury Giants

Southport College (Southport) - Developed Team (1 / 2)
Moderate ability team with 7 or 8 male players and 7 or 8 female players 
One qualified coach (L1) 
Hall suitable for National League competition

Schools (Predominantly Under 16)

Salford City Academy (Salford) - 

More to be added.

If you wish to see a breakdown of your club here please email sportyrich@sky.com with details.