The 2015 Des Jeffers Men’s Competition was held on Sunday 25th October 2015 at Woodchurch School Sports Centre on the Wirral.  6 teams entered the tournament which was played as a “Round Robin” of 2 set matches on 2 courts. Although originally planned to be timed, an unexpected last minute extension of the court time availability, meant that all matches were completed.

INTERVOLLEY (Manchester) were the outstanding team on the day and became “Merseyside VL Tournament Champions for 2015”. Chester V.C. were only defeated by total points of 40 to 35 in the match with the champions to become worthy runners-up. The overall standard of the other teams was good, with a number of close matches and 3 drawn games in all.


1. INTERVOLLEY (Manchester)         20 points

2. CHESTER                 16 points

3. Liverpool                 10 points

4. Warrington Wolves        6 points

5. Blackburn Vipers        4 points

6. “Coors for Concern” (Woodchurch) 4 points

The “Des Jeffers Women’s Tournament” takes place on Sunday 8th November 2015.