National League is the highest standard of competition for volleyball teams in England. 6 women's teams from the North West and 4 men's teams play at this level.

 Gt Manchester  City of Salford VC    Super 8  Facebook Pge  Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester  Tameside VC  Division 2 North  Facebook Pge  Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester  Manchester Marvels VC  Division 3 North  Facebook Pge  Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester  City of Salford VC 2  Division 3 North  Facebook Pge  Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester Manchester Marvels VC 2 Division 3 North Facebook Pge Twitter Pge
 Merseyside     Chester Amazons VC Division 3 North Facebook Pge 
 Gt Manchester Manchester Marvels VC Division 1Facebook Pge Twitter Pge
 Gt ManchesterIntervolley Division 2 NorthFacebook Pge Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester Manchester Marvels 2 VC Division 3 NorthFacebook Pge Twitter Pge
 Gt Manchester Manchester Marvels 3 VC Division 3 North Facebook Pge Twitter Pge